Reza 18K white gold Facette Ring with a 10.55-carat blue sapphire


Olivier Reza

To comprehend the way of thinking and history behind the brand, Olivier recounts the tale of his dad’s jewel assortment:

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“We are relatives of Israelites that were projected from Samaria in the mid 700s and got comfortable Iran. A thousand years after the fact in 1739, the Head of Persia set out on a victory of India, getting back with wonderful gemstones and adornments from the Mughal Depository. He shared the assignment of caring for his fortunes with 40 Mashhadi individuals from the Jewish diaspora, including my predecessors. Subsequently, my dad came from a long queue of brokers and skilled workers who idealized and passed the training down to the following ages. He proceeds, “My family later got comfortable Russia in the mid twentieth 100 years, where my dad was conceived and became drenched in pearls at an early age while working at my granddad’s store.”

At the point when Alexandre was around eight or a decade old, the family moved to Pleasant, where there was a developing Russian people group. There, his dad and Olivier’s granddad opened a store where he traded gems and silver. At 14, Alexandre started working in the shop and took over quite early on of 18.

“He then burned through the vast majority of the mid-twentieth century venturing to every part of the globe. This was after WWII when the absolute best mines in Asia, Burma, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Thailand Latin America, Colombia and Brazil were not open to the majority,” says Olivier. “Yet, because of my dad’s experience, he was one of the fortunate pearl gatherers and vendors who had the option to source the most elite and to be offered the most uncommon gemstones or when new materials went onto the market. This experience permitted him to sharpen his aptitude and lay out associations with specialists, skilled workers and debut goldsmiths prior to striking out all alone.”

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